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AutoBTC Builder, Learn And Earn And Share With The World

AutoBTC Builder, Learn And Earn And Share With The World

Welcome to my Blog, Today I am going to take you by the hand and show you exactly how we can earn massive amounts of BitCoin with AutoBTC!

First off I want to let you know that this business is a USA registered business which is 100% in law compliance. AutoBTC has been doing business for over 4 years in over 150 countries with over 100,000 members.

It’s an amazing concept created for members to help each other gain Financial Freedom 👈🏿

Like the name AUTOBTCBUILDER is based on crypto currency BitCoin… done through *BTC* and commission also receive through *Bit Coin.*

It’s a simple concept of *2×2 follow your sponsor matrix…*

In all my years of Network Marketing I have NEVER seen anything like this before, it’s a follow your sponsor concept all through the 6 levels!!!

The registration fee is 0.0056 worth of bitcoin at the moment is around ($100.00 USD), remember price can change it depends on bitcoin price.

Its a 2×2 structured business, meaning that you’re expected to bring 2 people in the system, then work with your two to bring in their own 2 people, on and on.

But PLEASE dont let this scare you, we are all on the same team and will all be helping each other, the main thing is to just get started.

AutoBTC Builder 2X2 Follow Me Matrix

The 6 members can be your direct sponsor/spillover or members that cycle before you, which can also fill your matrix. Regardless of who refers them, once 6 members join your team you cycle… it’s same process all through the 6 levels!

What this means is that, the system keeps on reentering people in every stage you’ve cycled out of.

*Let me give an example of how the structure is designed*

You join with one time out of pocket 0.0056, remember the amount in bitcoin will never change 0.0056, but the purchasing fee will always change due to the price of bitcoin.

It will go up when bitcoin price increase and it will reduce if the bitcoin price is low. Once you join then you have access to your back office.

*You refer 2 members in this case I will use Dawn and Ashley*

You share this business with just these 2, you give Dawn and Ashley your link, they both register with your link pay 0.0056 and lock in their spot.

Now Dawn and Ashley will do same, refer 2 each, with a total of 6 in your team!

*With 6 members you cycle from feeder matrix to level 1*

Easy Peasy Right?

YOU NEVER PAY AGAIN! Remember, This is a ONE Time out of pocket fee of .0056 BTC!

So be sure to understand how you cycle out of feeder matrix with 6 down lines, it can either be with your direct sponsor or spillover, which will give you an idea of how the system was designed.

You will now teach your down line Dawn And Ashley to duplicate just what you did. Once they have 6 members each in their team, they cycle from feeder matrix like you did, then they move to your structure in level 1.

Dawn and Ashley then cycle from feeder matrix with 6 members in each of their 2X2 Follow Me Matrix structure and cycle from the feeder matrix, then join you in level 1 as your down lines ( follow your sponsor) structure.

Dawn and Ashley will also teach their down lines to duplicate the same process and cycle from feeder matrix as they join, they then you continue to have the same total of 6 members again in your level 1 you move to level 2.

Note.. the feeder matrix and level 1 upgrade is Automated but from level 2 you have the choice to either withdraw or upgrade to the next level for the sake of law compliance… Compliance because this an educational platform the major product is online educational video that help you understand crypto currency, how to manage success etc.


Remember that you can earn in feeder matrix, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5 and level 6 *simultaneously over and over again* unlimited times because the system will keep bring you back to the structure so earn over and over again…

Please Take A Few Minutes And Watch This Video AutoBTC Builder. Learn Earn and Share With The World Below Now!

Here is the potential earnings👇🏿👇🏿

🏧 Feeder(0.0056 btc) 2 DIRECT downliners + 4 Team Members = Total 6 Team Members🤑💰 Receive *(0.05btc)  You Can Withdraw It For Instant Payment 
LEVEL1 0.0056 
🏧 Level 2*  Upgrade 💫🤑💰 (0.15 btc)  
🏧 Level 3*  Upgrade 🤑💰 Receive  (0.45 btc)  
🏧 Level 4* Upgrade 🤑💰 Receive (1.35 btc)  
🏧 Level 5*  Upgrade🤑💰 Receive (4.05 btc)  
🏧 Level 6* Upgrade🤑💰 Receive (12.15 btc) =  121,500.00 + spillover 💪🏻💪🏻
▶️ 🌐 TeamWork Makes The DreamWork💰 Receive Amount Is The Money You Can *Withdraw Instant*

It’s as simple as register, share with two members, help them duplicate. It’s as simple 2 X 2 follow your sponsor matrix system!

Go Ahead and Lock In Your Spot In The AutoBTC Builder 2×2 Follow Me Matrix Today And Start Earning Unlimited BitCoin With Me!

Click Here Now

See You On The Inside,

Chery Schmidt

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