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AutoBTC Builder Questions & Answers 2021

Becoming An AutoBTC Builder Business Partner

I was on a webinar last week with AutoBTC Builder when Our CEO, Gregg Aggeson made an announcement about the new credit and debit card processor being added to our back offices.

Listen My Friends, This Is Huge!

Now when someone gets started they will no longer have to start with setting up an wallet, getting it verified and funding their account before they can get started. Now after they register for a free account they can make a one-time deposit to activate either the Econ Or Feeder level right from their own back office without any loops to jump through.

How Cool Is That?

So now I am going to answer some of the questions I get on a daily basis about AutoBTC Builder so I can just send them here and let them make the choice if they are ready to move forward or not with this amazing opportunity.

Questions & Answers 2021

Q. Where Is AutoBTC Located?

A. Is a legal company based out of Florida, but can be built worldwide!

Q. How Long Has AutoBTC Builder Been Around?

A. AutoBTC has been doing business for almost 5 years in over 150 countries with over 100,000 members.

Q. What Is AutoBTC Builder?

A, They created this company so that you can use this one of a kind system to generate wealth without needing such a huge financial burden to get started.

BUT they are more than just an opportunity to earn bitcoin they actually offer some of the best products available to help you continue your growth. The products are all about training you on the different ways to earn MASSIVE income with cryptocurrency.

AutoBTC Builder is just a wise business decision, basically they are going to pay you to learn about Bitcoin! They are dedicated to making sure you can leverage their system to EARN Bitcoin rather than to just invest large amounts of money into it.

Q, How Does AutoBTC Builder Work?

A. AutoBTC Builder is a Network marketing company. Members have a 2 x 2 follow your sponsor matrix system, which when full consists of 6 people. When you fill your matrix with 6 paid members you then complete a cycle and get paid, within the hour. You can fill as many matrices as you wish.

Q. How Can I Get Started With AutoBTC Builders?

A.  As stated in my first sentence above, You can Click Here Now and register for a free account they can make a one-time deposit to activate either the Econ Or Feeder level right from their own back office without any loops to jump through.

Q. What Is The Econ Or Feeder Level?

A. Well, When I got started the 1st level to get started was the Feeder Level which costs .0056 Bitcoin! In August 2020 this amount of Bitcoin was only $55 to get me started. So with that said today the same .0056 Bitcoin is over $300!

And with the rising costs of Bitcoin our Generous CEO took it upon himself in January 2021 to add a lower level to make if more affordable for the average person to get started and added the Econ Level! The Econ level is .0019 Bitcoin and as of today this is $107!

So you can either get started with a one time out of pocket investment in either level or both. You can use your own wallet or just use the credit and debit card processor in your back office!

Q. Will I Need To Purchase Products, AutoShips Or Pay Any Monthly Fees?

A. Absolutely Not! You make your one time investment to activate the level that you wish to participate with and start earning. No Other Hidden Fees Ever!!

Q. How Can I Make Unlimited Income With AutoBTC Builders?

A. It is truly Simple and Doable!

Check out this PDF file below to see our compensation plan so you can learn what people all over the world are doing to earn bitcoin HOURLY using our system. Please be patient and give it a few moments to load, then have a Blast learning

Q. What Else Should I Know?

A. In your back office you will find everything you need to run your AutoBTC Builder Business! You will get your own AutoBTC Builder promotion pages and links, including a control panel where you can view referrals, leads, your matrix and your sales etc.

And Of course you will also have me to help you along the way.

Go Ahead and Lock In Your Spot In The AutoBTC Builder 2×2 Follow Me Matrix Today And Start Earning Unlimited BitCoin With Me!

Click Here Now

Once this is completed come back here to Click Here And Join Our FaceBook Group to help you get started off on the right foot!

See You On The Inside!

Chery Schmidt

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